Character profile of Bzerka

Name: Bzerka
Sex: Female
Level: 345
Vocation: Elder Druid
a Member of Anticimexz
Achievement Points: 76
Achievement Rank: Novice
House: Harbour Place 1 (Shop), Thais
Last Login: 05 Dec 2019, 21:51 → 05 Dec 2019, 21:51
Residence: Carlin
Created at: 05 Nov 2019, 18:44
Account Status: Free Premium Account


Name Show all Grade Points
Annihilator 5
Bone Brother 1
Brutal Politeness 6
Chequered Teddy 1
Demonbane 6
Do Not Disturb 1
Friend of the Apes 4
Godslayer 4
High Inquisitor 5
Let the Sunshine In 1
Lucid Dreamer 2
Marid Ally 3
Master of the Nexus 6
Natural Born Cowboy 1
Prison Break 8
Ruthless 5
Seasoned Adventurer 1
Secret Agent 1
Si, Ariki! 1
Skull and Bones 6
Something's in There 1
Top CGB Agent 4
Wayfarer 3

Death list

Date Details Show all
05 Dec 2019, 21:08Killed at level 346 by Dautamo Random Last Hit
and by Um Ex Tibiano Most damage
Datemposan and others.Involved
05 Dec 2019, 20:50Killed at level 347 by Seprotege Random Last Hit
and by Luzbel Most damage
Comeback and others.Involved
05 Dec 2019, 20:29Killed at level 347 by Haaskel Do Ukulele Last Hit Unjustified
and by Dagranhur Random Most damage Unjustified
Guizin and others.Involved
29 Nov 2019, 13:38Killed at level 330 by a spiky carnivor Last Hit
and a lumbering carnivor Most damage
poison spider, lumbering carnivor.Involved
28 Nov 2019, 10:30Killed at level 293 by a spiky carnivor Last Hit
and a menacing carnivor Most damage
carniphila, menacing carnivor, lumbering carnivor.Involved
22 Nov 2019, 20:53Killed at level 271 by a dark torturer Last Hit
lost soul, hand of cursed fate.Involved
22 Nov 2019, 00:35Killed at level 265 by Acne Last Hit
Orsty, snake, and others.Involved
20 Nov 2019, 21:38Killed at level 253 by a dark torturer Last Hit
and a hand of cursed fate Most damage
hand of cursed fate, lost soul, betrayed wraith.Involved
17 Nov 2019, 23:20Killed at level 226 by Jack Zal Wielki Last Hit
and by Kapten Skol Most damage
Maestro and others.Involved
12 Nov 2019, 01:11Killed at level 196 by Noia Tira Manchas Last Hit Unjustified
and by Mathz Bailefunk Most damage Unjustified
Nhacoma, and others.Involved